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18 February 2006 @ 11:17 pm
[Jayne] Girl tried to argue with me. Wasn't gonna have that. She should know, that I don't cave easy, if at all. So, I shut her up. Grabbed her tight and kissed her, hard. She tried to fight it at first, but she gave into it. Slid my tongue int'a her hot mouth, claimin' it, 'n' her. Sucked on her bottom lip 'fore I pulled back for a breath. The second she spoke, I dropped my head back on her bed and laughed. Figures Kaylee'd tell her that. "Not usually. But like I said, you're somethin' special."

[Tara] I laughed softly and blushed, ducking my head down and resting it against his chest. "I don't know w-why you keep saying this; I'm nothing special." My voice was quiet and I shrugged slightly before looking up and pulling myself from his arms and sitting on my bed, looking down and picking at the edge of my shirt. "F-far from anything special, Jayne."

[Jayne] Groaning a bit, I sat up, sittin' next to her on the edge of her bed. My shoulders slumped and I shook my head. "Now why d'you keep sayin' that? Don't I get to pick whether I think you're special? Think that's how it works."

[Tara] I didn't know how to say it without feeling stupid or lower then I already did. I mean after everything that happened growing up and then I just let a strange man into my bed the second I got away... It just made everything my father said true. "When you're constantly told one t-thing it's...it's h-hard to think another.." I finally whispered, ducking my head and hiding my face behind my hair.

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03 February 2006 @ 12:20 am
"No, Jayne, we cannot keep her on this ship. End of discussion." Mal said to me, for the millionth time since Tara's been on this ship. It's been almost a week and I ain't even seen her 'round.

"Mal, what d'you s'pose we do? Drop her on some rock and say 'g'luck Tara, we'd keep you on board 'cept cap'n don't like you'? No. Sorry Mal, but that ain't gonna happen."

"We can't afford for her to be on our boat. She don't work with us on missions, and she can't give us the credits for supplies. So, what do we do 'bout that?"

Well, that's somethin' I ain't think of 'fore. He got me quiet. But for only a second. "She can have some of my rations."

"Fei hua, Jayne. You ain't ever thought of anyone 'sides yourself before. What makes her an exception to your rule?"

Ok, he got me quiet again. Honestly, I've been thinkin' 'n' thinkin' 'n' for the life of me I don't know what makes her so differ'nt than the rest. Guess 'cause maybe she is different. I sighed 'fore I spoke again. "Just let her stay a while longer. Haven't given the girl 'nough time to grow on ya. Like River 'n' Simon. They grew on ya. She's real nice, she don't get in the way, and she ain't any trouble. She can share my rations." Took in a deep breath 'fore I said somethin' I don't ever say. "Please, Mal."

Well, now I reckon I caught him on that one. He just looked at me, in that 'I don't ever believe what you say' way that he looks at me. Then he let out an obviously frustrated sigh. "Fine. Givin' her a month. If she doesn't grow on me by then, or if she gets in the way or starts trouble, she's gone. Dong ma?"

A smile tugged at the side of my mouth and I nodded. "Sheh-sheh, Mal. Bet she'll be all kindsa glad to hear this." Well here's ta hopin', since she's been avoidin' me since...well, since that night.

I left Mal in the cockpit 'fore I went to find Tara. Figured the best place to start would be her room.

Knockin' lightly on the door, I hoped she was in. Kinda wanted to see her too. "Tara?"
01 February 2006 @ 10:31 pm
[Tara] Looking around the loading dock's, I start looking to see if there are any cargo ships heading out. I'm not sure where I want to go or how long I want to be gone. But I need to see whatelse there is out there, find a place that I fit in finally.
[Jayne] Well, we weren't here for long, but was 'nough time to find a bar. Not 'nough time to find a girl. Not like it matters none. So, with a good amount'a whiskey in me, I start loadin' the bit of stuff we picked up on this rock.
[Tara] Biting my lip I shift my bag on my shoulder and look around, spotting a tall man with broad arms loading things into a mule. "Excuse me?" I glance down before looking up at him. "Are you...do you h-have any room for another passenger?"
[Jayne] Lookin' at the girl who talked to me, I just shake my head. "Got room, but we ain't takin' more people." Liftin' up the last crate I toss it in.
[Tara] "But if you have room then...please? I won't be any trouble or anything..." My voice lowered for a second and I smiled sweetly. "I'd be willing to cook for the crew." I paused and brushed the hair away from my face as the wind kicked up. "P-please..."
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